Member protection

It is critical to keep water polo safe and fair for everyone who participates.

In the perfect world there would never be any complaints and we wouldn't need to understand anything about complaint handling. Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world. Things can go wrong and people have a right to complain and have their concerns listened to and dealt with. 

Did you know there's a network of Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs) across the country who play an important and distinct role in sport? Their role is to help ensure that people understand the complaint handling process. They do not handle the complaint. This is an important distinction for MPIOs against the role of the complaint handler.

Warriors' MPIO can be contacted via the club secretary. All enquiries will be treated in the utmost confidence.

An MPIO can be described as:

A person who has satisfied their state's or territory's requirements for an MPIO. The MPIO is responsible for providing information about a person's rights, responsibilities and options to an individual making a complaint or raising a concern, as well as support during the process. They may reside within the club, the state sports association or national sports organisation.

If you have any questions about the complaint process, or are not too sure about what to do next if you are worried about something, please do not hesitate to reach out to our MPIO.

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